World Handicap System

The World Handicap System starts on November 2nd 2020

How to calculate your Course Handicap
Remember, you always play off your Course Handicap.

To calculate your Course Handicap you will first need to know your Handicap Index.
This is similar to your Handicap under the old system. e.g. 2.8

Your handicap displayed on HowDidiDo and MembersHub will change to the new Handicap Index. You can also view your Handicap Index by following this link WHS.

You will need to enter you CDH ID No. This can be found by going to MembersHub / Dashboard Handicap Certificate.

Go to the Handicap Tables page on this web site.

Find the table for the colour of tees that you will be playing off.
e.g. Yellow Tees.

In the left half of that table find the line that corresponds to your Handicap Index.
e.g. For a Handicap Index of 2.8 use the line 2.5 to 3.4

In the column on the right you will find your Course Handicap.
e.g. 3

Please Note: In competitions there are various Playing Handicap allowances, in Stableford and Strokeplay competitions the handicap allowance is 95% of your Course Handicap. Don’t worry about this, the handicapping software will make any necessary adjustments when processing scorecards.

But remember you always play off your Course Handicap.