• Members are allowed to introduce 1 guest per day.
  • You must play with your guest and the appropriate booking fee must be paid in advance via online payment – see LINK.
  • If the time does not exactly match with your playing time, please choose the nearest available.
  • Fees: £15 week days – £18 weekends and bank holidays.
  • You must pay when booking and you can only cancel up to 24 hours before.
  • Before playing guests must be signed in to the guest book in the notice board area (by the score cards).
  • Guests are not allowed on sign-up competition days:- Radley Golf Club Charity Day, Peter King trophy & Turkey Trot.

The college no longer accept cash or cheque payments.

The Open-Play online system is for the booking in and paying of 1 guest per day per member.
The LINK is for the use of Radley Golf Club members only.