Closing of the Course

The closing of the course will be made by greens staff, when conditions are such that the course will suffer, or it is deemed to be unsafe i.e., fog, lightning, wind. If no member of the greens staff is present, a current committee member may also make that decision.

Frost Greens

The decision to use frost greens will be made on a daily basis by the greens staff. The flags may be put back on the greens by members only with prior agreement with the greens staff.

Trolley Ban

Trolleys may be banned at the discretion of the green staff. This will include, when conditions will be detrimental to course i.e., frost, heavy rain, extreme heat. Only people with trolley permit will be exempt. To obtain a permit, Certificates must be submitted the club secretary.

Medal Tees

When Medal Tees are in play, players may play 18 holes yellow or white tees. (Tee of the day will be indicated by greens staff on the white notice board).

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are banned on the golf course. Any person found using Metal spikes will be asked to leave the golf course.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed on the golf course, except in an emergency. If you need to take your mobile phone with you, please set it to silent.

Fog & Poor Visibility

Play must not start from the 1st tee if the first bunker on the right-hand side of the first fairway is not clearly visible from the Men’s white tee markers.

Whilst on the course players must use their own judgement based on the distance demonstrated on the 1st tee and they must never hit a ball further than they can see it land.

If a player hits a shot “blind“ into fog or mist and hits somebody they could be found negligent and held personally liable for the injuries afflicted.

Club officials or Radley college grounds staff may, on occasion, suspend play by sounding an air horn. If this happens then play must be suspended immediately. Resumption will also be on the sound of the air horn.

All play during fog or mist is at the individuals own risk

Groups of more than four players are not allowed.