Club Rules


a) The Rules of Golf, as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, will apply at all times.

b) Other Local Rules of the course as printed on the scorecard, or published in the Clubhouse, will also apply.

c) The Etiquette of Golf must be observed at all times.

d) Golf shoes must be worn (metal spikes not allowed).


a) Hours of play during College terms will be restricted and will be as advised on the playing calendar issued annually.

b) Hours of play during College half-terms and holidays will be unrestricted for Full Outside members, except by weather, necessary maintenance of the course, or other special events which will be announced well in advance by posting in the Clubhouse. For Weekday members, hours of play will be further restricted during College half-terms and holidays when these fall on a weekend or a Public Holiday.

c) The dates of the College terms and hence of restricted play will be circulated to all members.

d) Weekday members are permitted to participate in Club run competitions held on a weekend or a Public Holiday.

e) Play may only start from the FIRST Tee.
Players playing 18 holes and putting out on the Ninth green, when nobody is waiting on the First Tee to start their game, have the right to claim the First Tee.
Players playing 18 holes and putting out on the Ninth green, finding players waiting on the First Tee, continue their game alternately with those waiting.

f) Single players are encouraged to join others to make up two, three or four-ball matches. Matches falling more than one hole behind the match in front must invite the following match through if they are holding that match up. Medal and Stableford competitions, with booked tee times, and matches against other clubs have priority on the 1st and 10th tees. Club knock-out matches have no special standing.

g) Each player must have a set of clubs and carry them in a golf bag.

h) Only wide-wheeled trolleys are allowed on the course.

i) The club wishes to preserve a “smart but casual” approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf. The following are not acceptable: collarless, football or rugby shirts; tracksuits; denim jeans; casual shorts (e.g. beach, football, rugby and combat). All dress must be of a smart standard: shorts and trousers should be tailored; when wearing shorts, sports socks are to be worn; roll neck golf tops may be worn; shirts are to be tucked in unless specifically designed not to be; golf shoes must be worn (metal spikes not allowed).

j) Members should check that no vehicles are using the approach road to the car park before driving from First Tee.

k) Practising on the course is not allowed. There is a practice net near the Clubhouse, and practice areas on each side of the First fairway.

l) Divots must be replaced, bunkers must be raked and pitch-marks on greens must be repaired.

m) The Club does not wish to preclude children accompanying members whilst playing the course, but such members are responsible for the safety of children under their control and must ensure that their speed of play is not affected to the annoyance of the other members.

n) Dogs are not permitted to accompany members during play.