About Tee Times

Tee Time Booking

⚪ We have introduced an online booking system for tee times.

⚪ The new Tee Times button on the menu will take you directly to the booking system.

The following restrictions will apply to booking.

⚪ Tee times will be booked on the new online system.

⚪ No more than 1 booking per day per member (you cannot be on the tee sheet twice in 1 day).

⚪Bookings limited to 10 days in advance.

⚪ No more than 4 ‘future’ tee times. You cannot have more than 4 tee times booked in the 10-day window at any one time.

⚪Guests are allowed as of May 1st 2021.

  • Members are allowed to introduce 1 guest per day.
  • Guests must be booked in via the online booking system via MembersHub.
  • You must play with your guest and the appropriate booking fee must be paid in advance via online payment – see LINK.
  • Fees: £15 week days – £18 weekends and bank holidays.
  • You must pay when booking and you can only cancel up to 24 hours before.
  • Guests are not allowed on sign-up competition days:- Radley Golf Club Charity Day, Peter King trophy & Turkey Trot.
  • If the times on the online payment APP do not exactly match the MembersHub tee sheet, please choose the nearest available.

The college no longer accept cash or cheque payments.

The Open-Play online system is for the booking in and paying of 1 guest per day per member. Guests must also be booked in on the MembersHub.
The LINK is for the use of Radley Golf Club members only.

Register with Club V1

Please follow this link to the ClubV1 Members Hub.

Or download ClubV1MemberHub app on smartphone, tablet or IPad.

Register using your email address that is registered with the Radley Golf Club.

For your address use ‘Radley Golf Club, Abingdon, Oxon‘.

You should then be able to book a tee time.